Our season has now kicked off but as this is an inhouse programme we are still accepting registrations

Fun football for Boys and Girls under 7-8 years (birth years 2016 & 2017)

Fun Football is the programme we run for our 7-8 year olds (birth years 2016 & 2017). It is a great introduction and skill building programme preparing children to join our teams in the coming years.
There are 2 x 1 hour sessions per week where players split into smaller groups and rotate around various drills and activities, learning and practising their new skills, before spending the latter half of their session playing mini games against one another.

Time and place

Ken Maunder Park on Binsted road in New Lynn is our home ground, fun football is always at Ken Maunder park. Fun Football is on Thursday nights at 6pm in front of the clubrooms and on Saturday mornings at 9am out in the middle of the fields between the 2 cricket pitches, please arrive 10 minutes early so you are ready to go at start time.

What do I need to bring

You can bring a football if you want to but there are plenty of footballs provided at the park. If you bring your own football please make sure it is named so it doesn't get mixed in with the club balls. If your child is pedantic about keeping their own ball it might be best to leave it at home as it is easy for the balls to get mixed up and for another child unknowingly to snaffle up a loose ball.

Please arrive in football boots and shin guards and with a water bottle. If you are just coming for your first session or a trial and don’t have boots and shin guards yet please wear running shoes and thick socks to protect your child's shins as best as possible. It is at their risk that they are not wearing shin guards and these should be purchased at the earliest convenience if you decide to join fun football. Once you are attending regularly you should also have your child start wearing the uniform (as outlined below)

Who is in charge

Gareth Hooton, aka Coach Hoots is the leader of our fun football group but he needs parent volunteers to help him run the show, so please support him by lending a hand when he asks for volunteers, he will have done all the thinking for you and will just hand you a card with some kind of drill or game to run with your small group of children, you do not need to have football experience to be able to lend a hand.


● Royal Blue Trofeo Shorts

● Royal Blue Club Sock

● Red Club Strip (shirt)
This will be provided by the club

● Boots and Shinguards
Please provide your own football boots (no metal sprigs) and shinguards
Available from any reputable sportshop

Registration and fees

Every player must register on MyComet, when you have registered on MyComet the details come through to us. MyComet is a database of all players in the region, you DO NOT pay your fees here. Fees are paid separately to the club after you have registered.  

Please visit the registration page of our website for full instructions and links

Fun football fees for 2024 are $95

These should be paid by internet bank transfer please

Lynn-Avon United AFC
Westpac: 03-0109-0071881-00

Don’t forget to put your name and grade in the reference fields