Women's Football
When you enter the Lynnavon club rooms, the photos on the wall tell the proud story of at least 20 highly talented female players who have come through the club and represented their country since the mid 1980’s. Amber Hearn, Ria Percival, Kirsty Yallop, Hayley Moorwood to name some of the most recent.

This club has set the standard for women’s football over many decades with New Zealand representation on the world stage. Our club Secretary, former New Zealand Football Fern and Club Secretary, Terry McCahill has been a committed player and member with Lynn Avon since day one and continues to inspire women to play as well as taking a lead in club business. 

In 2017 we had a conference team and a reserves team as well as a very social Div 3 team.

In 2018, with players relocating and retiring, we chose to concentrate on our social team which consequently won its Div and took out the majority of the club awards - Team of the Year, Coach of the Year, Golden Boot, & Golden Gloves.

2019 saw another year of wins for our womens team with club awards.  We missed out on winning Div 2 by a single point due to a well timed penalty in our last game - our womens team considers Div 2 to currently be the right level for us so we are happy to not be promoted to Div 1. 

20 & 21 seasons were greatly affected by Covid however we enjoyed the games we got.  AFF & NRF amalgamated which dramatically changed the Divisions within the womens game.  We found ourselves playing in a Div 4/5 however playing the same teams we had in our previous seasons so there was no change to the competitive-social level of play and fun.

Are you keen to get back and play womens footy?

Come and play football at Lynnavon with one of the leagues most unique womens teams. Most important requirement is a desire to have fun! What we lack in speed of some of the younger teams we make up for in wisdom & experience to play football. Doesn't matter if you haven't played for 20yrs come and have a kickaround and see what you think. We have heart and spirit and often a fair amount of determination. We never take it seriously, we know how to laugh at ourselves, we look forward to the aftermatch and from that we have a winning team, on and off the field.  Trainings are pretty informal but good fun and often times when its wet we resort to a ‘white board’ session in the bar! contact us if you are keen.....

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