Registrations for 2024 winter season are now open!

Junior & youth football for boys and girls 7 years and over

We welcome all who want to come and join our family friendly club. 

We on the junior/youth side of the club like to encourage all players to get the most out of their football, have fun while learning all there is about the game and the essence of playing in a team.

Lynn Avon United is a small club with excellent facilities and an impressive history which gives the club a desirable atmosphere. We make every effort to keep our fees as low as possible in order to keep football as accessible as possible.

We aim to have at least one team in every grade so it is helpful if you register your interest to play at the earliest convenience - that will help the club best organise the teams. Teams can be mixed where numbers don't allow for separate girls & boys teams.

Club shirts are provided however you will need to provide boots, shin pads, shorts and socks. 
These can be purchased from our club shop.

Game day
7th & 8th grade
are always at our home ground Ken Maunder at 9am on a Saturday morning. They generally spend 2/3s of the morning practising their skills, then they divide into teams to play some football games amongst themselves. They don't play against other clubs yet.

9th grade upwards, games will be played on a Saturday morning against another clubs team, either at home (Ken Maunder), or away at the oppositions grounds somewhere else in Auckland. Draws are available online and will be relayed by each teams Manager.  

Club night is Thursday nights starting at 6pm at our home ground of Ken Maunder Park. Most teams will train at Ken Maunder on this night but if that day and time doesn't suit a particular team they are welcome to decide on another night. Teams can also decide to do additional trainings at our grounds if they want to.

What grade is my child in?

Players are put in grades according to age; for example, a player who turned or will turn 8 in this calendar year (January 1st - December 31st) is put in an 8th grade team (where all players are therefore aged 7 or 8).​

Birth year = Grade
2018 & younger (First kicks)
2017 - 7th grade (Fun football)
2016 - 8th grade (Fun football)
2015 - 9th grade (Mini football 9-10)
2014 - 10th grade (Mini football 9-10)
2013 - 11th grade (Mini football 11-12)
2012 - 12th grade (Mini football 11-12)
2011 - 13th grade (Youth football 13-17)
2010 - 14th grade (Youth football 13-17)
2009 - 15th grade (Youth football 13-17)

Registration & fees
Every player must register on MyComet, when you have registered on MyComet the details come through to us and your child can be allocated to a Lynn Avon team. MyComet is a database of all players in the region, you DO NOT pay your fees here. Fees are paid separately to the club after you have registered.  

Use the links below to register in MyComet
Forgotten your membership ID? - Hit forgot password & you will be sent a new password

Fun Football (7-8)age - $95  Click here

Mini Football (9-10)age - $125  Click here

Mini Football (11-12)age - $130  Click here

Youth Football (13-17)age - $145  Click here

To complete registration please pay your fees before Friday the 12th of April 2024, 
​​​​​​​by internet banking (or at the club with cash by arrangement). 


Lynn-Avon United AFC
Westpac:  03-0109-0071881-00       

***Reference: Grade, Surname and Name

If you have any further queries please contact​​​​​​​

This email address is cleared most days during our winter season but less frequently over the summer off season.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
If you need to get in contact more urgently for anything related to our junior club please call Vicki on 021 288 2428.